Telangana girl develops device to caution against body language habits

Hyderabad, April 17 : Handshake and touching mouth, nose and eyes are considered to be common body language habits which could infect a person with coronavirus, and it is very difficult to give up these habits.

Keeping this in view, an engineering student from Telangana has come out with a device which warns a person indulging in these activities.

The device developed by Budhavarapu Sneha beeps whenever the person wearing it involuntarily indulges in any of these habits.

The device, wearable like a wrist watch, alerts a person whenever he or she reaches out for a handshake or touches any part of the face.

When the person offers a shake hand, the device will buzz to warn that it must be avoided.

"Whenever you move your hand to touch any part of your face, the device beeps to warn you.

If your hands are sanitised, you can ignore the beep. Otherwise, you will realise that you need to wash your hands," said Sneha, a first year B.Sc (Electronics) student from Karimnagar town.

The device comprises a three voltage battery, a sensor, a buzzer and a rubber band.

It can be sold for Rs 350 apiece.

"As we don't have a vaccine or drug for Covid-19 yet, prevention is the only option available to us.

Since avoiding a handshake and touching the face are identified common habits which could lead to infection, I have made this device," said the young student who worked under the supervision of her father B.

Mallesh, a researcher in electronics.

Sneha said she also plans to make a device to ensure social distancing in public places for better protection.

The proposed device will alert a person moving close to another, thus violating social distancing norm.



Source: IANS