‘Terrorism will bite like a snake’, Ghani warns Pakistan

New Delhi [India], Sept.16 : Unleashing a belligerent attack on Pakistan for brewing terrorism, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani during his recent visit to New Delhi said that Islamabad's policy of differentiating between 'good terrorists' and 'bad terrorists' is not right, adding that terrorism will bite the Asian neighbour probably like a snake.

Hitting out at those using religion to justify terrorist acts, Ghani asserted that Islam does not condone terrorism.

"Terrorism will bite probably like a snake. States need to have a common perspective," he warned. Ghani also said the threat of terrorism is not a passing threat, and that terrorist organisations change very rapidly, even if their objectives remain the same," Ghani said as reported by World Press.

"A tiny minority cannot be allowed to hijack a civilization and a religion. There is no terrorism in the past 160 years except for adherence, practitioners from every civilization that we take.

So, there is no reason to demonize a certain civilization. But on the other hand, members of that community have an obligation to speak truth to violence," Ghani said.

It is unacceptable to speak in the name of Islam. Islam does not allow for terrorism. Terrorism must be condemned and we must stand together to contain it. Extremism cannot be permitted a platform. This is denial of everything that we stand for, and everything that civilization has stood for," he added.

Ghani's made these remarks while addressing 'Fifth Wave of Political Violence and Global Terrorism' at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis.

Ghani further slammed Pakistan for a ribbing, given the recent strain in tensions over Pakistan-based support for Taliban operating in Afghanistan.

"There is war in Pakistan which the media doesn't speak about. There are 207,000 Pakistani forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. This violence needs coverage and understanding, and needs to be stopped," he said. "Making a distinction between good and bad terrorism is an approach that is enormously short sighted. Those who think they can manipulate the psychology of this phenomenon or affect the pathology are mistaken.

Afghanistan does not allow terrorists to launch attacks from its soil, despite the fact that it is under attack," he added.

Source: ANI