‘The Married Woman’ director Sahir Raza: Cinema shouldn’t be moulded by anyone’s morality

Mumbai, Feb 26 : A kissing scene in the trailer of the upcoming series The Married Woman has become topic of discussion on social media.

Series director Sahir Raza feels makers should be given freedom to make the content they want to.

The series is about women and the choices they make, and showcases the conditions levied on them by society.

The director says that it is sad that such topics are still considered "controversial".

"I feel that it's sad that we have to use the word 'controversial' for this concept.

I feel like shows like these should be made for every format. Cinema shouldn't be moulded by anyone's morality. This is why controversy exists. I feel that love should not be put into any kind of box," he says.

Talking about why he came on board with the project, Sahir says: "This series is a beautiful project.

It is based on Manju Kapur's book. The story that has been woven is fabulous. I am really glad that (series producer) Ekta (Kapoor) and everyone agreed to let me be part of the project.

The first six episodes of the series were already written when I joined. It is such a different concept that most people would fall in love with it even when they read it on paper.

That's what happened to me."

He adds: "We have taken the backdrop of the book and the character and adapted it to our story.

The show adds a lot of external situations and drama within the lines of the character."

Starring Monica Dogra and Riddhi Dogra, the series will air on ALTBalaji and ZEE5.



Source: IANS