‘The Simpsons’ cast vote for Hillary Clinton

London, Aug. 2 : 'The Simpsons' have taken their stand in the United States presidential election and that's for Hillary Clinton.

Though the classic animated show has never shied away from making political statements, this may be one of its most bold and definitive yet, showing Homer and Marge lending their endorsement to Clinton, reports the Independent.

The bit of the particular episode was inspired from an ad once famously run by Hillary Clinton's political campaign; featuring a ringing phone at 3am, it asked Americans who they would want to take the call in such a moment of crisis.

However, 'The Simpsons' version shows Bill Clinton initially answer the phone, before realising it was for his wife; who in turn rebukes, "Yes, from now on, it's always for me." Switching over to Donald Trump, it showed that by the time he paused his tweeting, applied his orange tan, China was already mid-invasion of the country.

His solution to this was, "Just build another wall! Yes, in the ocean, loser.".

Source: ANI