These simple Vaastu tips will declutter your mind

New Delhi, Aug 30 : In the current day and age, everyone is constantly busy juggling their personal life with their professional life, and have something or the other at the back of the mind always.

Such a state is detrimental to the physical as well as mental health. To bring in good energy and declutter your life, renowned Vaastu expert, Ms. Jai Madaan lists a few simple changes that you can make in your personal space to be more at peace with yourself and improve your quality of life: 1.

According to Vaastu, the North-East is ruled by 'Easanya', (Almighty God), making it a spiritually elevated zone.

So make sure your meditate and practice breathing exercises while sitting in the North-Eastern corner of your house.

2. If you have a lovely family picture in your house, place it at the south-western direction of your house for better harmony and avoid having a toilet in the North-East, South-East (corner) and Centre (Brahmasthan) of the house, as it brings ill health.

3. Keep a basil plant (tulsi patta) and pearls and crystals in the northern direction of your house or garden area to bring positivity in your life.

4. Ensure that there are no overhead beams running through the centre of the house as it leads to a disturbed mind.

5. Heavy furniture should not be kept in the middle of the House, as it is the Brahmasthan and needs to be kept as uncluttered as possible.

6. The colour blue has cooling qualities so you can keep a night bulb emanating soft blue light to have a soothing effect.

You can even choose from violet, indigo, purple for the colors of the walls. However, avoid using red color for the bedroom. 7. Paintings of dragons, war and other violent images are a strict no-no in your house as well as the office as they evoke tensions and feelings of unhappiness.

8. If you experience trouble in falling asleep, try sleeping with your head towards the south direction as it helps maintain the natural polarity of your body and health.

9. Try to avoid having bigger windows in the south west side of your house. Instead, bigger windows in the northern direction are ideal as they enhance the positive energy..

Source: ANI