Thick, wooden, vintage: Get trendy with eyewear

New Delhi, May 22 : Eyewear needn't be boring. Go for embellished shades or thick geeky glasses touching the vintage style of the early 1970s to stay in vogue, suggest experts.

Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, CEO of Vision Express, and Nitin Grover, spokesperson, Scavin Sunglasses, suggest the following:

* Thick and geeky: Inspire your nerdy look with the thick and geeky frames.

This quirky look is sure to make you a fashionista.

* Slim metal: There are certain things and some trends that are just ageless.

A slim metal frame is one among them. These metal frames that made a fashion statement once in the 1970s and the 1980s is still a trend in 2018.

With a celebrity stamp on it, these frames are successful in both Hollywood and Bollywood. This is perfect for those who prefer minimalism in fashion yet wish to make a fashion statement.

* Vintage/retro: These frames include thick rims and double bridges.

In addition, wayfarers and cat-eyes are common frame shapes associated with this old school style. Cat-eye style frames are a mainstay in sunglasses design because it elongates the face beautifully.

* Wooden: One of the popular trends in the market is wooden frames or frames having wooden effect.

It can also be in earthy colours like olive, khaki, teak, pine and sandalwood. Gone are the days when wooden frames were associated with elderly people. These glasses are not just eco-friendly, but they match up to give the right elegant, stylish appearance.

* Transparent yet colourful: Practical and extremely in vogue, these frames are durable, lightweight and wearable.

In comparison to your heavy and other counterparts, these glasses are easy to handle. Available in different shapes and varied solid colours like pink, mauve, green and blue, these glasses are perfect for your summer days.

* Night glasses: The night vision driving glasses have been custom designed with advanced anti-glare technology to keep your eyes protected from the strong glares of bright headlights, street lights, lit up billboards, shiny roads during the rains and other bright lights that have been making driving difficult for you during night hours.

* Embellished sunglasses: Blingy glasses this season managed to look like everything from modern and edgy to ornate and glamorous.

* White frame sunglasses: Sunglasses with white frames are very unique and they look quite chic, however it depends if you got the right attitude to flaunt it.



Source: IANS