This Alexa-powered device to make babies, parents sleep better

San Francisco, Feb 15 : If your toddler is unable to sleep, here comes an Alexa-enabled smart device called Hatch Rest that helps soothe babies -- and their parents too -- into a better nights sleep.

The current product lineup includes the Rest, the Alexa-enabled Rest+ for babies and kids and the Restore for adults.

The Rest Mini was launched in January 2021.

"Rest for babies is our big product, but adults need their sleep, too, so interest in Restore has been tremendous," said Hatch CEO Ann Crady Weiss.

"Rest is the number one Amazon baby registry product behind consumables like diapers and wipes.

It has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4- star rating," she said in an Alexa Skills Kit blog.

In developing Rest and other products, Weiss listened to parents and she discovered they wanted hands-free help.

After releasing Rest, customers started asking specifically for voice control of the devices.

"Voice resonates with everyone because it makes their lives easier," said Weiss.

"Alexa powers our Rest+ device now, and we're expanding to include Alexa voice controls in all our other products next year."

Amazon's Alexa Fund, which provides up to (Dollar) 200 million in venture capital funding to fuel voice tech innovation, invested in Hatch.

With this support, Hatch has been able to expand on its work to create intuitive, hassle-free Alexa experiences for their customers.

Hatch is also exploring other potential integrations available from Amazon.



Source: IANS