This is how you can swap your ‘batwings’ with toned arms

New Delhi [India], Feb 9. : Flabby and saggy arms gather all the unwanted attention despite having a pleasing personality and a beautiful face.

Underarm fat or 'batwings' as we may say are enough to destroy the whole appearance. Before going further, let's find out how fat gets deposited in the arms? Causes of Bat Wings: Saggy arms often come out from nowhere! This problem is caused due to changes in the body throughout the adulthood.

Arm fat occurs because of an excess fat in the body as a result of natural changes with the growing age.

Age: The age factor is the main cause of this issue. According to Dr. Megha Shah, Cosmetologist, Beauty and Curves Clinic,Surat "After the age of 30,the body fat tendency increases and the lean muscle tendency normally decreases which leads to the encapsulation of fat." Change in Hormones: In the recent years,the problem of batwingsalso emerge after the age of 20.

This can also happen because of thehormonal changes as per the age or due to medical treatments that affect the hormones.

Change in the hormones decreases the rate of metabolism which results in a reduction in the rate of calories burntper day.It is obvious that a low-calorie burn leads to the deposition of fat.

Lack of Physical Activities: Because of lack of time, there is no physical activity which is the main reason behind the production of fat in the body including arms.

Overweight: This is another reason of batwings. If you are overweight, you are likely to attract flabbiness in your arms. Solutions to Get Rid Of Batwings So, if the bulkiness has taken its way to your arms and create an awkward jiggle while you move, don't worry! There are some easy ways and solutions that can help you reduce those bat wings and achieve toned arms.

Workouts and Exercises: There are many workouts that will help to get fat free arms. High intensity cardio and interval training exercises help in reduction of bat wings. Some common exercises include Push-ups, One-arm triceps, Counter push-ups, Scissors, Weightlifting etc.

Proper diet: A regular intake of fruits, veggies and dairy products is a must to maintain a healthy gut that digests the food properly and increases the rate of metabolism.Eating healthy is better than eating less and eating unhygienic like fried food, junk food etc.

Try to make a diet chart and follow a balanced diet to ward off underarm fat. Weight Management: Maintaining an ideal weight is the key. By maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), we can avoid the excessive deposition of fat in the body.

Diet (and) exercises play a crucial role in weight management. Food items low in sugar, rich in fiber is a must have in your diet. Processed, refined foods should be avoided to a great extent. Skincare Regime: A dry, dehydrated skin highlights your flaws in a big way. Therefore, follow a skin care regime comprising of gentle exfoliation and moisturisation so that your arms look good and replenished.

A regular massage with aroma oils not only help you relax but also tones your arm muscles and help you get them in shape.

Laser Treatment: The treatment is fast and lasts for a long time and removes the arm fat under the skin effectively.

People who don't have time can go for treatment and see its long-lasting results. Venus Freeze is a non invasive technique that helps in getting toned arms without putting time (and) effort.

It is a harmless treatment. It is truly said that "prevention is better than cure". If you are not suffering from this issue doesn't mean this could not happen to you. So it's good to prevent arm fat before it emerges..

Source: ANI