This ‘World Heart Day,’ laugh a bit louder to keep your heart younger

New Delhi [India], Sept. 29 : As Confucius said, "Happiness makes up in height, what it lacks in length." Ashishh Gupta, the fitness expert at Gold's Gym, Gurgaon pens his experience, how it took him years to understand the real meaning of the quote.

"In a world, which is becoming much programmed, humour and laughter have taken a backseat. We are losing the plot! We have started finding substitutes for everything, even laughter. When stress has become an integral part of our lifestyle, we have forgotten how laughter can de-stress us," said Ashishh.

"We pop in tablets, everyday thinking they will soothe us; not realizing it can come for free! Now you will think, how I can laugh just like that.

Everyone will think you are mad. Well you haven't had to giggle whole day!" he added. According to him, "take baby steps." First, start your day with a smile. Don't overdo it. Just smile while walking into office or at sweeper or just anyone at the red-light and see how contagious it is.

Secondly, bring humour to your work place. This doesn't mean, you will not be involved in your work. It will just lighten the atmosphere. Thirdly, count your blessings every night. Take a minute and thank God for the blessings. See how this will make you smile every time you are down. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. It not only reduces stress, it's increases your immunity, relaxes muscles and most importantly protects your heart So this 'Heart Day,' pledge to laugh a bit more! If it hurts your face, laugh a bit more.

Source: ANI