Three killed in terrorists attack in Peshawar’s Christian Colony

Peshawar [Pakistan], Sept 2: At least one civilian and two suspected terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire between unidentified gunmen and security forces in Peshawar's Christian Colony on Friday morning.

The colony is situated in the jurisdiction of the Mathra Police Station, outside the military cantonment and lies near the Pakistan -Afghanistan border and the Warsak Dam.

A senior security official said the attack took place at around 6:00 a.m. local time. "The military commando's have moved in.. we are not sure of the exact number of attackers at the moment but there seem to be more than two" the Express Tribune quoted the security official as saying.

He confirmed that two gunmen were killed in the shootout and one resident of the colony was also killed.

Reports suggest that an exchange of fire between gunmen and law enforcement personnel is ongoing..

Source: ANI