Tickle your taste buds with new menu at ‘The China Kitchen’

Somdatta Saha New Delhi, Aug. 7 : If you are bored with the same old taste in the regular Chinese restaurants, then 'The China Kitchen' at Hyatt Regency Delhi is your go-to place.

'The China Kitchen' launched its new menu on August 3, curated by Chef Jack Aw Yong, Executive Chef at Park Hyatt Beijing.

According to Chef Zhang Hongsheng - Chef De Cuisine at The China Kitchen, "At China Kitchen, we always strive to bring lot of innovative and interesting concepts to the table.

It is imperative to keep experimenting in terms of new combinations, different ingredients, method of preparations and presentation style." Speaking about the newly launched menu, the chef added, "We have come up with a beautiful pictorial menu, interesting tweaking and innovation has been done to our vegetarian dishes and lot of sea food options have been introduced for the non vegetarian guests." The new menu aims to bring in novelty with freshness.

It focuses on variety by offering dishes from mapo tofu puff, crispy crab claws to hot and sour truffle mushroom soup.

According to The China Kitchen, the people here, who have developed a very Indianised taste in regard to Chinese cuisine, have also appreciated the menu that carries its authenticity.

The new menu comprises of dumpling selection such as glutinous rice chicken roll, spinach mushroom dumpling and an array of meat and poultry dishes such as braised spicy pork, twice cooked crispy duck with five spices with Beijing sesame pancake and so on.

With this, the restaurant has also brought in new additions to satisfy the sweet tooth, out of which cognac chocolate cigar and Chinese egg tarts are definitely not to miss out on.

Source: ANI