Ties with India strengthened during Obama administration: U.S.

Washington D.C. [U.S], Jan. 11 : Asserting that ties between India and America have been strengthened throughout the eight years of the Barack Obama administration, the United States has asserted that India plays an important role not is the region but in the "global" mix as well.

State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner praised the work of U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma, saying he has done a tremendous work, while stating that new administration was also recognizing the important of New Delhi's role.

"I think that U.S.-India relations have been strengthened throughout these past eight years of the Obama Administration.

It's obviously a key - a core relationship for the United States. And I think in terms of where that relationship goes, the sky's the limit, both economically, security, what have you," Toner said.

He further said that even President-elect Donald Trump has commented on the importance that India plays, not just in the region but in the global mix, which is resource-rich and also India's outsized role in global issues.

"And so I think we're going to continue to work hard to strengthen that relationship going forward, no matter who's president," Toner added.

Source: ANI