Tilda Swinton’s ex John Byrne reveals he’s product of incest!

London [U.K.], Mar. 19 : Scottish artist and playwright John Byrne, who is also Tilda Swinton's ex has make a sensational revelation that he is the child on an incestuous relationship.

Tilda and John haven't been an item since 2005, when she embarked on a relationship with Sandro Kopp. Describing it as "traditional", Byrne, 77, revealed the shocker that his parents were his mother Alice and her own father Patrick McShane.

Citing a report from the Times, the Mirror reports that Byrne said the practice was quite common in Ireland.

"I think he gave me that wonderful mixture of genes with his own daughter, the eldest of the family. That's what they do in Ireland. I presume it's what they do in unlettered places, and lettered places. It's traditional, and nobody speaks about it," Byrne said. Further reckoning that his parents were in love, Byrne stated that he has learned to live with it now, even though he was livid when he discovered the truth.

"She was in love with her own father, utterly and totally. She just wanted to be in his company. She couldn't even confess it. My own father [his mum's husband Patrick Byrne] didn't know. What did he do to me particularly, that damaged me? I don't think he did damage me," he said..

Source: ANI