Tips to comfort mom-to-be on her delivery day

By Pallavi Aman Singh New Delhi, Aug 1 : Bringing a new life into the world may be one of the most noble and celebrated events, but when the time comes to go to the birthing center, every mom breaks out in a cold sweat.

In an interview with ANI, Dr Sahana K, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist, Medikoe, shared some tips that will come in handy if you are in-charge of an expecting mother while she is on the verge of her labour.

- Prepare her mentally for the delivery pain: You shouldn't be giving her any false hopes about her delivery procedure, since it might make her panic when it doesn't turn out to be so.

She has to be prepared for the physical pain she is about to go through in order to experience a much greater happiness later.

- No consumption of pain-killer: Your heart might ache to see her in pain, but in no scenario should you encourage her to consume any pain-killers without consulting her doctor.

It might lead to complications. - Encourage her to defecate: While she is expecting a labor pain any moment, you must encourage the mother to try and defecate.

Un-discharged fecal matter within the body might apply strain on the uterus leading to a more painful delivery.

- Hydrate her well: The delivery procedure is going to be a painful and tiring one. The panting, moaning, gasping and sweating will cause a lot of dehydration. So it is extremely important to hydrate her well before she reaches the hospital. - Give her love and hope: You need to give her constant assurance that it is a wonderful thing to become a mother, and that she is strong enough to sustain the procedure gracefully.

She needs to be relaxed and calmed down as much as possible. Her panic can lead to complications..

Source: ANI