Tips to pick the right beer

New Delhi, Aug 3 : Beer selection in todays time has become incredibly difficult. Customized menus are luring loyal beer drinkers to move towards bottled craft beer variants and beyond styles that were once dominated by the likes of lager.

So, on the occasion of International Beer Day on Friday, make sure you are picking the right bottle.

Prabhtej Singh Bhatia, Founder at Simba Craft Beer lists down some variants that can help you pick the right beer.

* Wheat beer: Light, aromatic and flavourful wheat beer is oh-so refreshing of them all. A subtle hint of orange peel, coriander, and lemongrass ads a beautiful aroma to its crisp finish making it a perfect partner for a brunch and lunch affair.

* Stout Beer: Ride on the darker side of a beer that stands tall with its deep ebony color and voluptuous mahogany head.

In spite of its bold roasted flavour, you get a hint of the espresso and cacao notes complimenting the bitterness.

* Indian Pale Ale Beer: Create a romantic explosion with floral, citrus, fruity, piney and earthy aromatics intensified by hops.

Extremely popular amidst the youth and your safest bet when it comes to trying something new.

* Hefeweizen Beer: Pale, cloudy and heavy, Hefeweizen stands above its competition for one very unique reason - the combination of its banana and clovey flavour.

A natural fit for the upcoming season and session-friendly profiles.

Shuchir Suri, founder of Food Talk India, also offers some ways to pick the right beer.

* Before choosing what beer to drink, one has to know about the different types of beer.

* How it looks: Beer comes in a range of colours, from amber, red, brown or black.

When you swish your beer and the head tends to leave behind trails on the edge of the glass, be assured, that it's a high-quality beer.

* The Aroma: Beer can smell hoppy, malty, floral and fruity.

I like my beer to taste hoppy.

* How It feels: Beer can feel like a full body or a light body in your mouth.


like to enjoy it and I definitely like it to be full body.



Source: IANS