To combat terrorism we need to undermine, confront extremist forces: Anwar Gargash

Abu Dhabi [UAE], Jan. 23 : Citing association between extremism and terrorism Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, UAE Anwar Gargash on Monday said that to combat terrorism the extremist forces need to be undermined.

"The UAE always believes that there is a relationship between extremism and terrorism. What we need to do in our fight against terrorism is to undermine and confront extremist forces in various ways, as how they deal with women and how they present view of Islam.

The way they want to impose ultra orthodox conservatism on society. All these things are basically the foundation that leads to terrorism," Gargash said. Gargash further said that many groups such as the Muslim brotherhood are responsible for creating the condition for terrorism adding that there is acute problem within Muslims' view.

"We don't have any qualms in saying that extremism-terrorism is not exclusive to certain religion, race or ethnicity but in parallel we have no qualm in saying that we do have an acute problem within Muslims.

The view of the world has been perpetuated over 23-30 years and that view is sort of this, I am right and you are wrong, I go to heaven and you go to hell.

This is being taught," he added. Gargash further described security cooperation, blocking of money trail and counter narrative as three ways to fight terrorism.

"We can combat with terrorism by three things. First thing is security cooperation, this is essential because it is extremely important to share information and understand who these cells are.

Second is to block the money trail because these organizations cannot move without funding their operation.

Third is counter narrative that means you need to tackle some of the extremist who have been much more active in using modern media like Twitter," he added.

Source: ANI