To treat hydrocele, doctors operate upon man’s leg in Bihar

Patna, Sep 4 : In another case of medical negligence, doctors at a government-run hospital in Bihar wrongly operated upon the leg of a patient, who was there for a treatment of hydrocele -- a build-up of fluid inside the scrotum.

Rambhajan Yadav, who is in his early 50s, was admitted at Gaya's Anugrah Narayan Medical College and Hospital two days ago for a hydrocele surgery.

But to the shock of his family, the doctors operated upon his leg, which they said was fine.

"My father was advised surgery for hydrocele, but a team of doctors wrongly operated upon his leg, which they said had some symptoms of filaria.

Instead of accepting their mistake, they tried to link hydrocele to filaria. They said operating upon the leg was necessary to treat hydrocele. What can we do except complain to the authorities?" said Bhubaneswar Yadav, Rambhajan's son.

He said such negligence can only happen in a government-run hospital in Bihar. "My father's case has exposed the real face of government hospitals in Bihar where only the poor dare to go for treatment.

Rich and even middle class people prefer private hospitals."



Source: IANS