Tokyo brings in priests from India to pray for stronger ties with Japan

Tokyo [Japan], Oct. 22 : Priests from all over India recently performed a mega non-stop prayer-cum-ritual for nine days to strengthen political and spiritual relations between India and Japan.

Speaking to ANI, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Jagdambika Pal said it is obvious that for the first time such a yagya (ritual) is taking place in such a big manner.

"Scholars from all the four many fields came for this. If there is any problem, then yagya is the only solution. The energy that emerges from this puja will solve all problems," he said. Giving details of the mega ritual, Pandit Shyamlesh Kumar Tiwari said about 131 priests were invited to perform the ritual.

Cooks and helpers also attended, bringing the number of people from India to around 150. "There are three important aspects to this yagya. One is the environmental disaster like earthquake and cases of suicidal thoughts and psychological disorder.

And this is seen in every household of Japan. The ritual will be performed in three different stages- Sudarshan Mahayagya , Satchandi And Rudra Mahayagya," he added.

Inviting and encouraging all to take advantage of this extraordinary occasion, world-renowned spiritual master, healer, and humanitarian Sai Maa said, "With great love, great respect and with deep gratitude, I welcome you all in this unique celebration in Japan.

Giving the blessing to the whole world. Clean the suffering, the pain, the karma that is not useful anymore. It is time for a new consciousness that is moksha, global enlightenment.".

Source: ANI