Tokyo hosts 15th Diet and Beauty Fair

Tokyo [Japan], Sept.28 : As a popular place to exchange trending information and business opportunities of the beauty and health industry, the 15th Diet and Beauty Fair was held in Tokyo.

The fair is focusing on the Made in Japan" concept, making a beauty machine with the latest technology.

This compound machine which was the first of its kind in Japan has both diet and facial functions. The machine can conduct care of cavitation, high frequency, absorbing, roller, and near infrared rays that is supposed to have an anti-aging effect.

A user said,"It feels good. It's like being massaged. It's quite different than before. The absorbing feeling is very comfortable, what your body feels is different." By using different chip for facial functions, it's possible to take care of the small spots near the eyes which wasn't possible before.

This is also the Japan's first burst type high-speed hair removal machine. By irradiating the light at the appropriate wavelength for hair removal at the fastest ten times per second, the treatment time can be shortened significantly.

With no pain, and by tracing each spot only once without repeating, it is an innovative product. Another user said, "No pain, speedy, finishing in no time. It's easy." Yumiko Yamashita of the Global Science Co., Ltd. said, "Our firm is focused on the 'Made in Japan' concept. We created machines that are new to Japan. We process everything starting from the making of the machines. Recently, the hair removal machine was introduced in Myanmar. In November, we will participate in an exhibition in Hong Kong. We will gear up for the overseas export of our machines." We look forward to introduce more products from Japan, the leading country in beauty care.

Source: ANI