Top heavy? Still rock in off-shoulder, low-back outfits

New Delhi, Jan 27 : Caught in a dilemma about how to carry off an off-shoulder or low-back ensemble as a top-heavy woman? Be smart about choose the right lingerie, say experts.

Karan Behal, CEO and Founder, PrettySecrets and Jennifer Kapasi, Commercial Director, Triumph International, India and Sri Lanka, suggest:

* Sheer, backless and crop tops are all the rage this season but while it's loved by all, women are still clueless about what to wear underneath without ruining the look.

If you're planning on or already picked out an outfit like this, go for a bra with a transparent back strap.

* Find a supportive strapless bra: Choose a bra with a wide underwire and extra enforcement at the sides.

Strapless bras that have side boning and broad side wings will

give you a secure fit and hold up large breasts comfortably.

Nowadays, many ethnic outfits come with thin straps, strapless and even boat neck tops. While they may look absolutely gorgeous, many women avoid buying them either because they don't know what bra to wear underneath or don't trust their strapless bra will stay in place.

Even if you opt for garments with a really complicated top half, with its multiway bras are a perfect match.

* Opt for bras that have a self-adhesive silicone strip on the inner band.

This will make sure that the bra sticks to your body and doesn't slide down. Choose a bra with a high centre bridge. This is the centre part of the bra that connects the two cups. The higher the centre bridge, the more coverage your bra will give you so that the tops of your breasts do not spill over.

* Go for a bra with a wider band.

Contrary to popular belief, the band (and not the straps) is actually responsible for providing a massive majority of the bra's support.

A wider band can better distribute the weight of the breasts, which is why it's ideal for women who are top heavy.

* For low back outfits, its best to go for a transparent strap bra, since heavy busts need band support.

This way, you can still have a sexy backless look without compromising on the support. Opt for a matte-look back strap which is virtually invisible, giving you the effect of wearing nothing at all.

You can also go for bras with lace back straps that add a stylish element to your low back top.



Source: IANS