Ranikhet – Travel in India


1829 mts above sea level this hill station is extremely beautiful and ideal to spend a holiday. The western Himalayan peaks are visible from here in all their snow- capped beauty. As one nears Ranikhet, one is welcomed by a 400 kms long range of snow-capped peaks. The Bhagirathi trio to Nanda Devi are clearly visible from here.


The people here are simple and happy in their life. Ranikhet is full of dense forest. It is the main place of the Kumau regiment. Since it is a cantonment area, it is extremely clean. The bazaar of Ranikhet is also unusual. Located on the slope of a mountain, this bazaar can be compared to the hanging gardens of Mumbai. Since it is on a steep slope it is called “khadi bazaar”, khadi meaning steep in the local lingo.


The lowest part of the bazaar is at 5000 feet and the upper most at 8000 feet. The roads in Ranikhet have been made in such a way so that the greenery around is not affected. The houses and bungalows are made in such a way that the car can come right up to the doorway.


Places of Interest:


Upat and Kalika: 6 kms from Ranikhet Upat is a modern but historical place. Here there is a 9 hole golf course. 6000 feet above sea level there is a different satisfaction in playing golf. In this course there are bungalows for the players to stay. Many films have been shot here. Further from Upat is Kalika which is famous for the temple of Goddess Kali.


Chaubatia: 10 kms from Ranikhet Chaubatia has beautiful gardens. Many fruit orchards can be found here. The State Government has a huge garden and fruit maintenance department here. This is an ideal spot for picnics.


Dwarhat: This place was a capital for the Kings of the Katyuri Dynasty. There are 55 ancient temples here. These were built from the 11th to the 16th century. The only engineering college of Uttarakhand is found here. Dwarhat is 38 kms from Ranikhet.


Bhalu Dam: 3 kms from Chaubatia, this dam has a lake and a picnic spot. Hedakhan Temple: 6 kms away, to reach here from Ranikhet one can get regular taxis and jeeps from the bus stand. A huge modern temple of Saint Hedakhan is found here.


Shitalakhet: 35 kms from Ranikhet, Shitalakhet is on the highway. One can reach here directly from Almora too. There are bus services from Ranikhet. Snow-capped peaks are visible from here. Overnight stay is possible here in hotels, tourists bungalows and government guest houses. Trekking is a treat here. 3 kms away is a temple.