Trump asks House Republicans to pull health care bill

New York [U.S.A.], Mar. 25 : United States President Donald Trump on Friday asked the House Republicans to pull the heath care bill, a day after he threatened to walk away from health care reform if he didn't get a vote.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, eventually, pulled the Obamacare repeal bill from the floor, as reported by CNN.

Earlier in the day, Ryan told Trump he did not have the votes to pass the measure, the culmination of seven years of Republican efforts to eradicate President Barack Obama's proudest domestic achievement.

Ryan told fellow Republicans they were "moving on" from health care, Reps. Andy Barr and Bill Flores told CNN. There is, however, no Plan B for the Republicans after the failure of the health care bill. "We're going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future," Ryan said after the pull-out. "I think we were doing the architects of Obamacare a favour" with this bill, Ryan said, adding that the Affordable Care Act is on the brink of failure.

The development comes as a major embarrassment for Trump, who had gambled big time by presenting holdout House conservatives with a take-it-or-leave it ultimatum on Thursday night and had ultimately put his own credibility on the line.

Trump's faction in the House is said to have been unable to narrow the schism between Freedom Caucus conservatives, who believe the bill keeps to much of Obamacare intact, and moderates, who worry they will pay an electoral price if millions of Americans lose health insurance.

Source: ANI