Trump considering more than four people for Secretary of State

Washington D.C. [United States], Dec. 5 : U.S. President- Elect Donald Trump's campaign manager and adviser Kellyanne Conway has said that more than four people are being considered by Trump for Secretary of State.

"It is true that he's broadened the search and secretary of state is an incredibly important position for any president to fill," CNN quoted Conway, as saying to reporters yesterday in the Trump Tower lobby.

She said Trump is talking to different people and this week additional interviews with other candidates would be done for Secretary of State.

Conway added that interviews would also be done for other cabinet positions and deputy cabinet positions.

However, she did not reveal the names of the contenders saying "I don't think we've released that." Conway said that list of the contenders is expanding as there is not a finite list of finalists.

She said Trump will interview with additional candidates early this week. Trump had earlier tweeted that there were four finalists for the post. Responding to a question about more candidates for the job, Conway said, "More than four but I, who knows how many finalists there will be.

It's a big decision and nobody should rush through it.".

Source: ANI