Trump says his Russia story is ‘hoax’, questions Clinton’s ties with Moscow

Washington D.C. [U.S.A.], Mar. 28 : Asserting that his linkage with the Russia story is a 'hoax', U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday questions as to why the House Intelligence Committee is not investigating Bill and Hilary Clintons various ties with Moscow.

This came after Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner volunteered to speak to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump took to his Twitter handle and said that the Republican House Freedom Caucus snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, which possibly referred to the failure of the House to pass a repeal and replace plan for ObamaCare.

Earlier, it was reported that Kushner is ready to speak before the panel as part of its investigation into Russian meddling in the Russia U.S.

election. "Throughout the campaign and transition, Jared Kushner served as the official primary point of contact with foreign governments and officials.

Given this role, he has volunteered to speak with Chairman Burr's Committee, but has not yet received confirmation," the CNN reported a White House spokesman as saying on Monday.

The Senate committee sought Kushner, who is a key adviser to the President, as part of its investigation, according to sources.

The timing is still being determined, a Senate aide said. The New York Times first reported the Senate committee's request, because of his role in arranging meetings between campaign advisers and Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Sergey Kislyak, along with other foreign leaders. Last week, FBI Director James Comey confirmed that federal investigators are investigating ties between Trump's top campaign aides and Russian officials.

Comey also shot down Trump's claims he was wiretapped in Trump Tower by former president Barack Obama.

Source: ANI