Tupperware welcomes new guidelines for direct selling industry

New Delhi [India], Sept.15 (ANI-Newsvoir): For over 65 years, the Tupperware Brands Corporation has been at the forefront of providing entrepreneurship opportunities for women.

Today our innovative products are found in over 80 countries, including in India where we have been empowering women for the last 20 years by imparting skills, coaching, and providing a supportive environment which enables them to become confident entrepreneurs.

Tupperware India has become a household name amongst consumers who have widely appreciated our high-quality food conservation, preparation and serving products.

Our product innovation and outstanding quality, delivered through our state of the art manufacturing plant at Dehradun, has won many awards over the years around the world.

We remain committed to offering life-changing opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs with no start-up costs and build a respectable business while working flexible hours.

Tupperware India welcomes the Guidelines for direct selling issued by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

We are enthused that the Guidelines will make the environment more conducive for ethical direct selling companies to grow and create more full-time and part-time career opportunities, especially for the women and youth of India.(ANI-Newsvoir).

Source: ANI