TV actress Piew Jana: Unfair to judge actor’s popularity by social media following

Mumbai, Feb 18 : TV actress Piew Jana feels that although social media is a boon, an actor's talent should not be measured by their fan following on these platforms.

Piew, known for her roles in shows like Krishna Chali London and Zindagi Ki Mehek, says: "Just as an actor is gauged with the number of hit films he or she had in their respective careers, similarly celebrity popularity is gauged through the number of followers one has on their social media accounts.

This is so misleading in today's world of debauchery, wherein a lot of people resort to false ways to increase their followers on social media just to gain public attention."

For Piew talent means a lot more than mere social media facade.

"For me, it's all about the talent and the humility that a celebrity carries on-screen and off-screen that matters and not the mammoth number of followers on social media," she says.



Source: IANS