Twitterati have fun over mix-up of names at Congress rally

New Delhi, Dec 1 : Twitter users had fun at the expense of the Congress on Sunday over a video clipping reportedly showing a mix-up of names of party leader Priyanka Gandhi and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra at a rally here.

#PriyankaChopra trended with 5,634 tweets after the clipping appeared on social media.

In the clipping posted by a user on Sunday, a party leader can be seen and heard shouting slogans of 'Priyanka Gandhi zindabad' and 'Sonia Gandhi zindabad', to which the supports respond enthusiastically.

However, in a faux pas, the sloganeer blurts out 'Priyanka Chopra zindabad'. Later, the leader apologised for his mistake and made amends, the user wrote.

One user posted the clipping and wrote: "Congress party runs a Comedy Circus and their election rallies are Great Indian Laughter Show."

Another commented: "India does not need Comedians..Congress is there for it. Please do listen... Have fun."

A post read: "Thank God!! Rahul G either didn't attend or skipped that rally or was not invited for that rally.

Surely, they would have shouted #RahulBajaj zindabad."

One user had an interesting question: "Since when has Priyanka Chopra joined the Congress?"



Source: IANS