Twitterati marvel at Wakanda’s listing as US free-trade partner

Washington, Dec 19 : Listing of Wakanda as a free-trade agreement partner of the United States evoked amusement among Twitterati who posted funny comments on the issue.

One user wrote: "Great.

So now I'm going to have to pay more when I buy my single-origin Wakanda French Roast beans at the Food Coop."

One user tweeted: "We live now.

In this moment."

A user took a swipe at the US President: "Trump's even hitting Wakanda with tariffs."

"Wakandan wine, cheese and vibranium knee replacements just got a lot more expensive," read another post.

One comment read: "The international trade version of 'never draft in the CMS'."

A Twitter user posted a lead of a new copy: "Wakanda's free trade agreement with the United States wasn't forever."

"That's what they get for restricting the vibranium supply," remarked a user.

Later, the name of the fictional country from the popular 2018 Marvel superhero movie "Black Panther" was removed from the Agricultural Tariff Tracker maintained by US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service.

"WOW! USDA tariff tracker removes Wakanda, fictional home of Black Panther, as free trade partner," wrote a user.

The USDA maintained it had used Wakanda while testing the system behind the tracker but forgot to remove it later on.



Source: IANS