Twitterati slams govt as GDP growth rate slumps

New Delhi, Nov 30 : Subdued consumption trend along with a massive contraction in manufacturing, agriculture and mining activities pulled India's GDP growth rate down to 4.5 per cent in the second quarter of 2019-20.

Despite a slew of government measures aimed at reviving growth, the Indian economy continued its downward trajectory.

The Q2 GDP growth fell to its lowest in 6 years, eliciting sharp reactions from the twitterati.

A twitterati on micro blogging site commented, "Nirmala Tai said there is an economic slowdown but there is no recession...Thik usi tarah jaise Heera Thakur Zeher wali kheer kha ke marne wala hi tha but at least uski Abhookh to miti."

A post read, "What will we do with economic growth when there is so much poverty/pollution/blah people are now greatly concerned about falling GDP growth.

Lulz. They had assumed - just like Modi and his acolytes - that India will keep growing for ever and the only concern now was redistribution."

"GDP growth falls below the 5% to 4.5%, the lowest since March 2013.

Minammaa, ARam hai na! Sambhaal lega ji!" added another.

A user remarked, #EconomicSlowdown becomes worse thanks to Modi Govt's stupidity (and) incompetence...Remember that Govt has manipulated data according to many economists, real growth might be around 1-2% only!."



Source: IANS