Two COVID-19 positive patients die in Moscow

Moscow, March 26 : Two elderly persons who had tested positive for the coronavirus or COVID-19 have died in Moscow, officials said.

According to reports, the Moscow city health department in a statement said they were also suffering from pneumonia and complications

Russia, however, has not confirmed any deaths directly due to coronavirus and it was not immediately clear whether these deaths would be counted in its tally.

Last week, Moscow health authorities announced the death of a woman who had tested positive but later said that an autopsy showed she had died of a blood clot, not the virus.

On Tuesday, the Moscow city health department said an elderly woman who had died at the city's infectious diseases hospital had in fact tested negative and the cause of death was advanced cancer, reports said.

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday delivered an address to the nation in which he underlined the seriousness of the epidemic, a day after visiting the Moscow hospital where cases are being treated.



Source: IANS