Uber eyeing Facebook to make UberPool more ‘friendly, interactive’

Washington D.C. [U.S.], Feb. 3 : Ever had an awkward, silent ride ride in UberPool with no clue about the stranger next to you? This might help.

A patent application published online hints that Uber is interested in using social media information to connect users with UberPool riders with similar interests, making the travel more friendly, CNN reports.

Although the patent has not yet been granted by the U.S. Patent (and) Trademark Office, and there's no guarantee Uber will incorporate the concept, it shows a sneakpeek Uber's vision for the future.

Uber riders would receive an alert through the Uber app that a fellow passenger attended the same school, grew up in the same town or was a friend of a friend on Facebook.

Other commonalities, such as country of origin or birthplace, could also be shared. The patent application describes how riders could also have the option of only riding with other passengers whom they share something in common with, which may lure more people to use UberPool.

The feature would function as a social lubricant, making riders feel more comfortable sitting in a The application describes solving a problem of "semi-social gatherings," where the circumstances don't lend themselves to asking a bunch of questions about someone and seeing if you have anything in common.

Many UberPool passengers often sit in silence in the backseat, not knowing that they have a meaningful connection to their other rider.

Source: ANI