UK general elections on Thursday: Survey predicts Tory landslide win

London [U.K.], June 8 : Millions of Britons will vote in Thursday's general election and the ruling Conservatives are expected to secure a landslide win over the opposition Labour Party.

ComRes poll projections indicate a concrete 74-seat majority, the largest the Conservatives have secured since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

The survey also gives key insights as to where Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn could have fallen short, despite Labour having halved the Conservative lead since the start of campaigning.

The final poll survey shows incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May's party enjoying a 10-point lead over Labour, the Independent has reported.

Voting will begin at 7 a.m. local time in over 40,000 polling stations across the country. A total of 650 Westminster MPs will be elected, with about 46.9 million people registered to vote. Some votes have already been cast, through postal voting. The final results will be declared on Friday afternoon. Officially, a party must win 326 seats to secure an overall majority in the House of Commons. Corbyn attended six rallies on the final day of a hard-fought campaign, starting at Glasgow at 8 a.m. and ending in his own patch of Islington with a speech at 9 p.m., where he claimed that Labour's anti-austerity message was the "new centre ground" of British politics.

Prime Minister Theresa May said on the eve of voting that she was "feeling good" and used her final push to pitch for what she termed as "fiercely patriotic" voters across Labour Party strongholds -- the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the north-east, reports the Guardian.

May also stressed to voters that there were only 11 days until the Brexit negotiations start, saying the "final" choice was between her or Corbyn.

Source: ANI