UK mission in Chennai launches women empowerment program

Chennai [India], Oct.22 : The British Deputy High Commission in Chennai has launched a campaign titled 'She Leads' to empower women by honing their leadership skills.

The campaign was inaugurated by British Deputy High Commissioner in Chennai and programme leader 'She Leads' Tammy Sandhu.

As part of the campaign, a countrywide social media contest will be conducted to shortlist 10 women within the age-group of 18 to 24 years.

These women will then undergo training programmes to enhance their leadership skills. "Today was the launch of Women Leadership Program called 'She Leads' which is about try(ing) to identify the next generation of women leaders and to support them, with mentoring, by exposing them under some great leaders we have in the UK (United Kingdom) and India so that they reach the leadership potential much quicker," said an official.

'She Leads' will include a series of training events like talks by lady speakers of United Kingdom, essays and social media campaigns.

It seeks to encourage young women to pursue careers in politics, business, education and entrepreneurship.

"This project is that you inspire, motivate and encourage aspirational young women in India. So, women around the age of 18 to 24 (years), who are wondering what to do next, whether in business, in politics, in arts (or) in education, inspiring them to lead change in whatever that they do, to be ambitious and to be the next generation of leaders in their field," said Sandhu.

The British Deputy High Commission has roped in civil society groups for execution of the campaign. Women are often under-represented in leadership roles across sectors. 'She Leads' hopes to change this by encouraging women to take up leadership roles..

Source: ANI