UN adopts resolution to support Syria ceasefire

London [UK], Jan 1 : The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has unanimously passed a resolution in support of the ceasefire in Syria and holding talks in Kazakhstan between Damascus and the opposition.

All 15 countries-members of the UN Security Council voted for the document, co-authored by Turkey and Russia, reports TASS news agency.

The resolution, approved late on Saturday, called for the "rapid, safe and unhindered" delivery of humanitarian aid throughout the country.

In the adopted resolution, the UN Council paid attention to the agreements that were reached and voiced its support to "efforts of Russia and Turkey aimed at stopping violence in Syria and launching a political process." The Security Council members stressed that they look forward to the meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan, and consider it "an important step" before the resumption inter-Syrian talks under UN auspices in Geneva on February 8.

The council reaffirmed their commitment to "sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity the Syrian Arab Republic." They stressed that the only way to a sustainable settlement of the conflict in the country is through a comprehensive political process.

United States Deputy Representative to the UN Michele J. Sison said that Washington wants to see how the deal will be carried out. She also expressed hope that the ceasefire will operate fully throughout the country. Meanwhile, United Kingdom Deputy Representative to the UN Peter Wilson stressed the need for a neutral monitoring of the truce.

This monitoring should be conducted jointly by the UN and ISSG, he said. On December 29, Russian President Putin announced that a cease fire agreement was reached in Syria and the republic's government and the armed opposition were ready to start talks.

Three documents were signed. The first one was a cease fire agreement between the Syrian government and the armed opposition. The second document provided for control over observation of the cease fire and the third one was a declaration of the parties' readiness to start talks on the conflict's settlement.

The command of the Syrian armed forces declared cease fire on the whole territory of the country from 00:00 local time on December 30.

However, the resolution comes against a backdrop of deadlock among members supporting different approaches.

Source: ANI