Undiagnosed disease kills more than children in Myanmar

Naypyidaw, Aug. 5 : An undiagnosed disease with measles-like symptoms has killed more than 30 children in a remote area of Sagaing Region in Myanmar.

Local officials said on Thursday that health authorities are struggling to treat the victims, reports the Myanmar Times.

The illness has hit the far mountainous area of northern Sagaing which borders eastern India and is populated by people from the Naga tribes.

A local MP said that since the outbreak first emerged in June, adults and children have both been struck, but the illness appears to be particularly deadly to children under the age of five.

"Altogether 23 children were have been killed in Lahe township and 13 killed in Nanyun township since June because of this unknown disease," said Law Yone, a regional MP from the Naga self-administrative region.

He said that rashes came out on the bodies of the patients hit by the disease and then they suffered fever and difficulty in breathing because of coughing.

Blood also comes out while coughing. Some 200 people so far have come down with the disease, he said and added that central authorities have been slow to react.

A health ministry official in Naypyidaw confirmed the outbreak, including more than 30 deaths, and said tests were being carried out.

Source: ANI