Unemployed youths jump before train, 3 die

Jaipur, Nov 22 : Three unemployed young men were killed and another was battling for life on Thursday after they flung themselves before a train in Alwar in Rajasthan, police said.

Police officer Hari Singh told IANS that the three were killed instantly.

Speaking to IANS, Singh said that two other youths who were with these four did not jump on the tracks.

The dead were identified as Manoj Meena (24), Satyanarayn Meena (22) and Rituraj Meena (17).

Abhishek Meena (22) sustained serious injuries.

The two who did not commit suicide were Santosh Meena and Rahul Meena, the officer said.

Rahul Meena told the police that Satyanaran Meena told him that they were all fed with their lives as they can neither do farming nor get decent jobs.

After a while, Rahul Meena said he saw the four jump before a train.



Source: IANS