Union Budget lacks credibility, says Congress

New Delhi [India], Feb. 1 : The Congress party on Wednesday said that the Union Budget presented by the Centre lacks credibility as it takes in account based on the data for six months only.

Congress leader Anand Sharma said, "This time the projections for the financial year and for the budgetary estimates have been based on the data for six months.

Therefore, it completely lacks credibility." Sharma added that the government does not have resources which it is claiming.

"The banks are flushed with funds and the money forcibly taken away from the people in a country which lacks basic banking facility," he added.

Sharma took potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his initiatives like Stand up India and Demonetisation move and said, "The reality is that they have shot down the Indian economy.

Indians were standing up before that. These high sounding words are not going to change the reality of what is happening in this country." However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the Budget as "futuristic" and one that would fulfil the aspirations of every section of society.

"This is a Budget for the future - for the farmers, the underprivileged, urban rejuvenation and rural development.

From railway modernisation to economic reforms, from education to health, from entrepreneurship to industry, the aim of fulfilling the dreams of all is clearly visible in the Budget," he said.

Source: ANI