Unveiling ‘Footloose No More’ for urban millennial

New Delhi [India], Feb. 15 : Matching horoscopes or sitting through long and arduous meetings with the family are a thing of a past.

Millennial, as the key defining generation of present time, those roughly born after 1985 are quickly changing the rules of the game, including marriage.

'Footloose No More' is an original concept-driven platform meant for people to discover the right companion for their lives, the ones not just sharing the same lifestyle but also the life-story.

Explaining the idea behind the platform, Abhishek Agnihotri, co founder of 'Footloose No More' said, "We began Footloose No More began on Aug 22nd, 2009 on a rainy night, as I sat with my sister who was single at that time, wondering where we would find people who would "get" us.

The biggest question at the time was HOW (and) WHERE can one meet "people like us" in a way that was "palatable to us", which was "fun" (and) not sad (and) straight jacketed.

The determination for creating a place that made urban educated singles feel "empowered" instead of desperate, led to the creation of Footloose." Not the one to let planetary motions govern who they are going to marry; the generation of today has redefined love, companionship and marriage.

To cater to this very unique set of "displaced Indians", Footloose No More has created a unified platform where all those with these similar life- story or paths (if you wish) converge (and) have a very real chance of finding someone who not only fits their NEW life but has a similar connection to the PAST as well.

In essence, the platform has been created for urban singles to "Meet, Mingle, Marry." What are the most important things you need to know before you embark on a relationship? Is it common Facebook friends? Is it whether you like the same music or cuisine? Or is it the deeper questions which help you know how a person thinks - something that will give you a glimpse into "who" you are connecting with? These are questions that are tough to ask and sometimes people spend months before they get around to them.

Often people wait for an epiphany to discover the answers to these, and by then it is too late. But these are questions which are answered by members at the time of registration. This makes it easier for you to decide whether you think the same way and are a match! And therein lies the difference that Footloose No More is bringing about! The platform is curated and regulated, with the process of registration dropping off non-serious user right in the beginning.

The second layer will be the interview stage where the curation of members will happen and only those will get through who are approved by admins and authenticated via documents.

This means that it is not an auto approve site. Footloose no more aims to be the biggest curated platform which will offer both online as well as face to face connections at interactive events for ALL Indians the world over so that they may find each other.

Footloose No More aims to be the answer for this generation of "EDUCATED URBAN MIGRANTS"..

Source: ANI