Upgrade your beauty regime to be monsoon ready

New Delhi, June 15 : The monsoon is undoubtedly a time for fun and freshness. But while the season can conjure a pretty picture, the humidity is known to cause your skin and hair to misbehave so make sure you are prepared well in advance for a hassle free rainy season.

Donald Simrock, Lakme beauty expert; Heena Dalvi, the National Creative Director - Hair, Lakme Salon and TIGI Educator, Audrey D'Souza share tips to keep you looking flawless amidst the rains.

* Simrock suggests tips for skincare and makeup-

* During the rains, your skin really needs to breathe without feeling oily and greasy.

It requires care that is nourishing while also being protected from constant dampness and pollution. Using the aloe aqua gel, moisturizes your skin, removes dryness and leaves it feeling soft and smooth

* No matter how cloudy it gets, your skin always needs to be protected from the sun.

Using the ultra-matte gel gives your skin a non-sticky, lightweight and ultra-matte finish while also protecting it from the sun

* Your ultimate motto for the monsoons should be - Less is more! Using an everyday skin stylist like a CC cream infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera can give you the dual benefit of makeup and nourishment that it needs

* This is not the time to go heavy on your makeup regime.

Create a 'no makeup' makeup look by pairing a matte, poppy lipstick with winged eye created using a waterproof gel kajal.

Choose a foundation which is enriched with a light formula or give the foundation some rest by going for a loose face powder

* Focus on bringing out your natural, fresh glow rather than overloading your skin with products.

Opt for products which are infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera, honey as they are multi-beneficial and work mildly on your skin

* A special tip for all 9to5 women: Your skin goes through a sudden shock when you leave your cool air-conditioned office and step outside.

So, use products which are non- greasy and non- oily for your skin to stay as fresh as possible

* Dalvi's tips for haircare-

* During the long monsoon month there is high oil secretion on the scalp which makes the hair looks flat at the roots, to combat this it is essential to wash your hair regularly

* Anti-bacterial hair shampoos and cleansers are essential for the scalp as they help fight fungal and bacterial infections

* Rain water is usually acidic and dirty, so if you get wet in the rain use a protective leave in product and dry your hair using a hair dryer.

The product will form a protective layer on your hair and shield it from the damage rain water can cause

* Opt for a deodorizer that suits your hair to ensure it smells good always

* Towel drying your hair while dabbing it is recommended over rubbing it.

Rubbing wet hair might cause it to break due to the friction

* Use a wide tooth comb in your hair, this will ensure that your hair doesn't break and get damaged

* D'Souza tips for hairstyling-

* Boxer braids- This favorite elementary school hairstyle is fierce yet fuss-free- and perfect for the humid weather.

Prep your hair using an anti-frizz serum. Create a centre part down to the nape of your neck, and clip one side away. Braid the unclipped side by taking some hair at the top and separating it into 3 equal sections.

Next, take the left section and cross it under the middle one. Now take the right section and cross it under the middle. Now start adding more hair into the braid. Take a small section of the hair that's already down on the left side and combine it with the current left section.

Repeat the process with the hair down the right side, till you reach the ends of your hair and secure with a hair elastic.

Repeat the process on the other side.

* Half Up Half Down Space Buns- Prep your hair with a volumizing dry shampoo to give your hair volume for days! Brush your hair, creating a messy centre part.

Put an index finger on the arch of each eyebrow, trace back into your hair and hold.

Split the hair you gathered into two halves, creating ponytails and secure them with hair elastics.

Twist the first ponytail around the hair elastic, creating a bun. Repeat the process on the other side. Apply some curling mousse to the loose hair, for boho-inspired beachy waves.



Source: IANS