US condemns Kabul attacks, reaffirms support to Afghanistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], Sept. 7 : The United States has reaffirmed its strong support to Afghanistan following the deadly attacks in capital Kabul targeting a CARE International NGO.

Deputy spokesperson of the US State Department Mark Toner condemned the attack. "First of all, we strongly condemn the Taliban attacks on the ministry of defense yesterday in Afghanistan as well as today's attack against CARE International, which is an institution dedicated to helping Afghans build a better future," the Tolo News quoted Toner as saying.

On Monday afternoon, twin explosions took place outside the Ministry of Defence. The attack started off with a heavy explosion, which was thought to have been a car bomb. The gunfire took place throughout the night. Toner also commended the courageous actions that were taken by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in the aftermath of the attacks.

"They responded quickly and decisively to the incidents. And we'll - we're going to stand strong with our Afghan partners as they strive to improve citizen safety and security and work towards building a lasting peace in that nation," he said.

The Taliban militants group had claimed responsibility for the attacks, which rocked Kabul city. Reports suggest that at least 41 people were killed and over 100 others wounded in the first attack while one person was killed and six others wounded in the overnight attack.

Source: ANI