US kids use excess toothpaste: Report

Washington, Feb 3 : Many American children use more toothpaste than officially recommended, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, published on Friday.

"Analysis of 2013-16 data found that over 38 per cent of children aged three to six years used more toothpaste than recommended by the CDC and other professional organisations," Xinhua news agency reported citing the report.

The recommended toothpaste amount for children at three to six years old is of pea-size, and for those under three about a rice grain, according to the report.

The CDC also noted that nearly 80 per cent of children aged 3 to 15 years started brushing later than the recommended age of six months.

Fluoride use could help avoid tooth decay, but the CDC recommended children to begin using fluoride toothpaste at two years of age to prevent inadvertent ingestion of fluoride and the potential risk of dental fluorosis.

The CDC suggested parents and caregivers to make sure that children brush teeth often enough with recommended amount of toothpaste.

Health care professionals and organisations could also help by providing education.

The CDC is a US federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.



Source: IANS