US-led coalition airstrikes targeted pro-Assad forces in Syria

New York [U.S.], May 19 : The U.S.forces in Syria have bombed pro-Bashar al-Assad convoy at Tanf base that were advancing well inside an "established de-confliction zone." A statement issued by Operation inherent Resolve, the official name for the coalition fighting ISIS, read that pro-regime militias "posed a threat to US and partner forces at At Tanf," a remote base in southern Syria, reports CNN.

A convoy of 20 pro-regime vehicles were headed towards AT Tanf near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border and thirteen of the vehicles entered a so- called "de-confliction" zone in the Homs Governorate , which was perceived as a threat to "US-allied troops." The officials said five of the vehicles are within 29 kms of the base at about midnight when the aircraft was dispatched.

The airstrikes were considered to be carried out in "self-defense" given the militias proximity to a base used by elite US and coalition forces.

The U.S. special forces have been present in the area "for many months" to train and advise Free Syrian Army fighters.Damascus considers US military presence illegal in the country.

The safe zones agreement in Syria came into effect this month . The zones were established in several Syrian provinces, including in Homs,as agreed by Russia, Iran and Turkey during negotiations in Astana.

Source: ANI