US library to enforce imprisonment for overdue books

Beijing [China], Sep. 3 : In an effort to recover USD 200,000 worth of missing books, a library in Alabama has reportedly warned its customers that it plans to enforce strict borrowing rules that include the possibility of imprisonment for the defaulters.

The Athens-Limestone public library will be enforcing a new policy that includes fines of USD 100, a city jail term of 30 days or possibly both, reports the Guardian.

Library director Paula Laurita said that the harsh new rules were necessary because offenders were effectively stealing from the library and taxpayers.

However, before the authorities are notified, anyone with overdue books will have the chance to return them.

The library will first notify borrowers with overdue books through text or email. If that is ignored, a certified letter will be sent, warning they have 10 days to hand in their books and pay any fines owed.

If that letter is not acted on, a court summons will be issued. Ignoring the court summons could result in another fine and jail time. Laurita added that children would not be targeted under this new policy..

Source: ANI