US visa restrictions will not affect terrorists: Pakistan

Lahore [Pakistan], Jan. 31 : In the wake of the chaos and confusion following United States President Donald Trump's extreme visa restrictions, Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said the development will not affect terrorists but the victims of terrorism, Quoting the state-run radio service, the Dawn reports that Khan branded the development as a very important issue.

Talking to reporters after inaugurating the Executive Passport Office in Islamabad, Khan said, "It is not only a matter of issuing visas to a country.

In my personal opinion the move will not affect terrorists, however increase miseries of victims of terrorism." Referring to a security summit in Washington, in Feb 2015, hosted by former U.S.

president Barak Obama and attended by foreign ministers of more than 60 countries, he recalled that the summit had stressed need of international unity and consensus if the global community needs to get rid of the gangrene of terrorism.

"It was also stated that to achieve this goal, some countries would have to come out of the propaganda of Islamophobia," he said.

Nisar added that he had made it clear that correlating Islam with terrorism was equal to negating the entire struggle against terrorism.

"The US move would harm global unity against terrorism and terrorists would be beneficiary of pointing fingers to Islam and Muslims.

There are more than one and a half billion Muslims in the world, whether one likes that fact or not. It would not be wise to put the blame of a few hundred on the Muslim population of the world," he stated.

He further asserted that mostly Muslims have been targeted by terrorism and still they are labelled as terrorists.

Source: ANI