Use auto-disable syringes to prevent infection

Chennai, July 7 : Rather than banning the sale of syringes without a doctor's prescription to prevent drug abuse, it will be better if the government hastens the switch over to auto-disable syringes, said a senior medical devices industry official.

He was referring to the recent ban on sale of syringes without doctor's prescription in some districts in Punjab as a measure to fight drugs.

"While the law exists in the US of syringe sale limited to prescription, this is not the case in India and the intent of solving a problem may be noble but the management tool being used is questionable," Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator at Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) told IANS.

He is also the Joint Managing Director of Hindustan Syringe and Medical Devices Ltd.

According to Nath, the ban on sale of syringes without a doctor prescription will amplify the problem of syringe reuse by drug addicts and accelerate the spread of Hepatitis C in Punjab.

He said Punjab has the highest Hepatitis B and C spreading from drug addicts to other patients in the already challenged healthcare infrastructure.

"It would be more prudent to accelerate a switch to auto-disable syringes in private sector in Punjab and have a state policy as was done by Government of Andhra Pradesh to prevent reuse with the help of state drug controller to address this magnifying problem in Punjab," Nath said.



Source: IANS