Use natural aroma oils, wear a velvet dress for the Christmas party

New Delhi, Dec 24 : Put on your velvet dresses and experiment with outfits in hues like lilac, ivory, champagne and rose gold.

Don't forget to spread a few drops of rosehip oil on the face to have a flawless glowing skin, suggest experts.

Amit Sarda, Managing Director at Soulflower and Nishit Gupta, Director at KALKI, have shared few inputs:

* Invest in outfits with sequins and glitter as they have been taking the fashion by storm.

* Velvet fabric as well is a huge hit this season. Throw on that velvet full length dress and you are all set for the Christmas party.

* Late nights and an erratic diet can cause the skin to react and behave abnormally. Wrinkles and fine lines are the most common after effects. Spread a few drops of rosehip oil on the face regularly to have a flawless glowing skin. Presence of retinol, a natural compound occurring in rosehip helps maintain the skin's glow and elasticity.

* Rejuvenate under eye dark circles with argan oil.

Gently apply few drops of the oil to the dark eye circles and over a period of time you will notice the dark circles disappearing.

The presence of natural fatty acids and vitamin E in argan oil is primarily responsible for bringing this change.

* Opt for colours that suits you the best.

Go for experimental colours this season unlike the usual darker shades. Lilac, ivory, champagne and rose gold are recommended.

* Keep your accessories to the minimal, as you will be dancing around and you definitely don't need any disturbance.

* Heal chapped lips with jojoba oil: Now that you have sorted out under eye circles and wrinkles which are the most common area of concern, cracked lips too need to be cared for.

Use jojoba oil for chapped lips and in due course you will realise you have soft, supple lips.

* Incorporate ruffles, feathers, tassels and other such fun elements to your look

* Go for exuberant dresses for maximum impact, high-voltage colours to make a splash, sharp suiting for a silhouette that feels so right, right now: this is it for the season.



Source: IANS