Utilise Parliament to debate key issues, says Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi [India], Nov. 30: Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday appealed to the opposition parties to discuss and debate in Parliament. Naidu said, "Please come back to the discussion; let us debate, discuss and then move forward. That's my appeal to all political parties in parliament. Utilise the parliament, let the debate happen, give suggestions, if you want to criticise, then criticise, there is no problem.

Clear out what you stand for in front of the nation," He said that the opposition has every right to raise the issue of terrorist attack.

"But let them also understand the sensitivities in mind, and then, whatever they want to discuss, let them discuss.

The government has nothing to hide; the government will definitely share in the house, this is exactly what is required; this is what I am requesting the opposition that please, demonetisation is not the only issue, it is one of the issues," he added.

Adding that our soldiers are giving a befitting reply to Pakistan, Naidu said, "The terror attack has not happened suddenly but are taking place for a long time.

Everybody has experienced losses that took place because of the aiding, funding, training terrorists policies of Pakistan.

The whole world is realizing and they slowly they will pressurise Pakistan and even we will give them a solution in the correct manner." Proceedings in both houses of Parliament were adjourned till now as the united opposition continues to mount pressure on the government on demonetisation and the terror attack in Nagrota, Jammu and Kashmir.

The opposition members denounced Parliament for not paying homage to the martyrs. This took place even as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present in the Lok Sabha..

Source: ANI