Vaani finds Ranveer’s energy to be infectious!

New Delhi [India], Dec. 7 : By now, all know that Ranveer Kapoor is indeed the ever recharged battery of Bollywood. So how did his 'Befikre' co-star Vaani Kapoor match up to that? She feels it is 'infectious!' "It's very difficult to match his energy.

I don't know what battery he operates on. It's very unique and I love watching his energy from a distance. It's very infectious. He just makes the entire room alive," she told media in the national capital. The 31-year-old actor, who was also there at the event interrupted her and said it was actually her energy which the former had to match up to.

"On the first day when we shot for the first scene I was like 'man this girl has immense amount of energy.

I have to keep up with her'!" the 'Bajirao Mastani' actor shared. Extensively shot in Paris, 'Befikre' is all set to release on December 10..

Source: ANI