Vegan lifestyle: Look how these Udaipur-based companies lead the world!

Jaipur, Oct 31 : World Vegan Day, which falls on Sunday, comes as a reminder to know about the health benefits of being vegan and makes the world aware of various advantages of a vegan lifestyle.

A few Udaipur-based companies have carved a niche in spreading the benefits of being vegan and have clocked a 250 per cent growth even during the pandemic while marking a global presence.

GoodDot, formed in 2016 by Abhishek Sinha and Deepak Parihar, has been growing at almost 100% YoY since the start.

However, this financial year, the company's growth has been 250%.

"When we formed our company in 2016, the category of plant based meat was extremely small.

The consumer awareness about such products was non-existent. But now, people across India are looking for plant based meat options. And this demand is from metros as well as from smaller towns and cities in India. We believe no human being wants to intentionally hurt animals. In that sense, everyone is a Vegan because the essence of Veganism is to avoid inflicting pain on our fellow sentient beings, the animals", said Abhishek Sinha on the eve of World Vegan Day.

GoodDot's manufacturing facility is in Udaipur in Rajasthan and the company has recently launched its flagship products in Canada, Dubai, Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, and Singapore.

They are also planning to launch their products in the US and European markets too in the near future.

The company's products are now being used in almost 1,00,000 meals everyday all across India and they range from Curries, Tikkas, Keema, Noodles, Biryani, and Pulao to chunks of plant-based meat.

Another QSR outlet GoodDo is also offering tasty, healthy and affordable plant-based meat alternatives that can be used to replace meat in any recipe.

GoodDo is India's first and largest chain of Vegan Quick Service Restaurants which is again headquartered in Udaipur and has its branches in Mumbai, Delhi and Nepal.

GoodDo has been awarded the 'Best Vegan Restaurant' by the Indian Restaurant Association and its food truck in Udaipur has been recognized as the 2nd Best Vegan Food Truck in the world by Lonely Planet.

"Patrons absolutely love our offerings and come from afar specifically seeking our unique offerings.

Several of our outlets have exceeded their pre-pandemic levels and the interest in this sector is really growing.

Team GoodDo is focused on taking vegan food to the masses in a delicious, fun, innovative and affordable avatar", said Abhinav Sinha.



Source: IANS