Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Dirty Games’ is now ‘Bisaat Khel Shatranj Ka’

Mumbai, March 9 : Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's show "Dirty Games" will now be called "Bisaat Khel Shatranj Ka".

He says that the title was changed as the original one gave out a wrong idea to the audience.

"There was nothing dirty about 'Dirty Games' to begin with.

'Dirty Games' was about the games people play. But there was a perception that dirty meant sexually dirty or something worse. Secondly, in the age of OTT going right, it was a wrong signal, so now the title is 'Bisaat Khel shatranj ka'," he says.

Talking about the new title, Bhatt says: "Bisaat means a chessboard.

Since the show is about twists and turns, (it is about) people's mind ticking likes a game of chess."

The story of the series revolves around around a psychiatrist who gets caught in a murder.

It has been written by Bhatt and co-stars Sandeepa Dhar and Omkar Kapoor as well as Khaled Siddiqui, Samay Thakkar, Vyas Hemang, Trishaan Singh Maini, Tanvi Thakkar, Coral Bhamra, Ashwin Kaushal, and Prakash Jha.

This thriller is set to release on MX player.



Source: IANS